My journey with Tyyli

Your work environment is vital to your long term health even if it is a home office. Here's my journey with TYYLI.

It was the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and working from home had become the norm for many people. I was no exception. Although I enjoy the flexibilities that come with working from home, it has also created other unwanted “side-effects”.

Most notably, the lack of physical movement, and being in the same position for pretty much most of the day. This seemed perfectly fine, I mean who in their right mind would stand and work, right? Right?

Well, little did I know, being on your bum in the same position for hours on end can create dire consequences to our bodies. I can testify to that, as I have had first hand experience. Sitting for hours on end has resulted in a herniated disc in my lower spine.

Well, I’m not going to go into detail on the condition in this post, that is a story for another time. To put it simply, I had a slipped-disc due to prolonged sitting and if left unchecked, may deteriorate and cause serious mobility issues. It is something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

Anyhow, this was the reason that triggered me to seriously look into getting a standing desk. If I will be working from home for long term, I wouldn’t want my job to be the cause of further health complications.

There are many options when it comes to standing desks locally, some brands have a modern look, some have an authentic wood feel as their design, but Tyyli height-adjustable desks combine both style and functionality.

Truth be told, I was introduced to Tyyli height-adjustable desks some months before I placed my order by a friend. I was instantly impressed by the way they integrate the Eubiq power track into their tables. Further research showed that the tables not only looked good, but is very practical when it comes to cable management and availability of power sockets right on your desk that looks modern and neat. Definitely a win.

It was quite a struggle before placing my order, as these standing desks aren’t exactly cheap. Ultimately I took advantage of the year end promotion and jumped the gun with a KlasseWood: You Raise Me Up Solid Wood Series desk. I went for the Regular size measuring 140 x 80cm as I wanted enough space for two screens and not feel cramped on space.

The option to pay In 3 separate payments using Atome definitely helped to ease the decision a bit, and made the purchase a tad bit more affordable.

After placing the order, I was told that it will probably take a couple of months before I can receive my desk, so I patiently waited. When I received the message saying that my desk was being prepped for delivery, I was ecstatic and full of anticipation for it to arrive.

Arrive it did, eventually, after quite a bit of drama from the courier company. In this case, it wasn’t just a matter of ‘Dua Hari Lambat’, but it was a total logistics nightmare waiting to unfold. First the courier calls up saying he’s arrived and asked if it was ok to leave it at the lobby as he did not have a trolley. I live in a high-rise building, so it’s going to take some effort to deliver to my doorstep.

Obviously, leaving it at the lobby was not a solution for me. First off, before placing the order, I had specifically asked the sales rep if doorstep delivery was possible for high-rise buildings, and I was assured it was. Secondly, I wouldn’t be able to carry such a heavy package on my own up to my unit. Thirdly, even if I could move such a heavy package, I wouldn’t want to risk worsening my back from carrying such a heavy load.

The ensuing story would revolve around the customer support rep ‘ding-donging’ with the courier company. Apparently the courier guys are dispatched as individuals to deliver whatever it is they had for the day, regardless of the size and weight of the package. So, on one hand I do feel for the courier guy, but on the other, it’s a service the company is supposed to deliver, and that’s something they have to settle internally.

Johnathan Tan - Home Office

Glad to say, the Tyyli support was excellent and they managed to get the courier to deliver to my doorstep eventually. This resulted in a whole week’s delay! However, that was still not the end of the drama as upon closer inspection, there were some scratches found on the table’s surface.

Again, upon reporting to Tyyli’s support staff, they were very helpful in arranging a replacement. This time round, Tyyli arranged the shipment with a different courier service and the delivery went smoothly this time.

After about 2 - 3 weeks of drama and delay, I could finally start assembling my new desk. Kudos to Tyyli’s support for guiding me through the entire assembly via video call. I must say that I had a pleasant experience assembling the desk and although there were some uncertainty for some of the steps, it wasn’t a complicated process overall.

I have been using the desk for more than 2 months now and I must say that I am satisfied with the product. The desk is sturdy and stable, coupled with the power track makes it so much more convenient to connect your electronics devices and get them charged.

The castors are also smooth to use and have a stylised look to them. Though sometimes you may need a little more effort to lock them in place, but I’d definitely recommend you to get the castors if you plan to get one of Tyyli’s desks as it makes moving the desk so much more easier.

If you are going to be working long-term from home, I would highly recommend you to get Tyyli’s standing desk. In fact, it would be best if offices could be equipped with similar standing desks, but that’s probably wishful thinking for most local companies to do.

Work is important to put food on the table, however, what’s even more important is our own wellbeing. Imagine giving you all the money in the world, but you do not have a healthy, functional body. All that money is good for is probably for your medical expenses!

You need not get a desk from Tyyli, as there are other options available. However, if you are like me and values the convenience of having a power track right on your desk, then a Tyyli desk would be a good match for you.

For those of you who do plan to get a Tyyli desk, you may make use of this coupon code - BACKSAVER - upon checkout to enjoy a discount of RM150 off on all products with a minimum purchase of RM1000.

Well, that is my journey with Tyyli in a nutshell, hope everyone who reads this gains an awareness on the importance of taking care of your back. This is especially important office workers and long-term work from home employees who tend to spend most of their time seated in front of a computer screen.

There are lots of other lessons for good ergonomics, the lesson here is to not be in the same position for too long. Hence, it is important to alternate between sitting and standing while you work at a desk.

You may browse Tyyli’s range of height-adjustable desks from and apply the coupon code BACKSAVER upon checkout to enjoy an instant discount of RM150 with minimum purchase of RM1000.

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