My Story

We only live once, so let's make our life's story a great one.

My Journey Through Life

Born and raised in Penang, Malaysia, Johnathan had an affinity for computers since a young age. He was also blessed with a creativity for the arts and languages. His passion for computers soon led him to pursue a degree in Software and Animation at a prominent local university.

After graduating, his career would see him journey from a creative role in graphic and web design to a marketing and communications role. Today, he is a certified digital marketer who has helped his employers digitalize their business and establish strong digital presence with increased revenue.

An avid practitioner of SEO and content marketing, he believes in the power of organic traffic and the effectiveness of pull-marketing tactics. Johnathan is a firm supporter of the quote “Content is King” that was first mentioned by Bill Gates back in January 1996 and still holds true today.

He has a love for books and learning which led to him obtaining his Masters in Instructional Multimedia at a local apex university. Today, he continues to learn new skills and develop experimental marketing strategies.

His journey continues amid the constant uncertainties the world throws at him with the hope of a better world for all.

My Career

Johnathan’s career would see him serving start-ups, small medium enterprises as well as multinational companies. He has pioneered the use of the latest marketing technologies, platforms, and strategies for many of his past employers that have led to increased visibility and higher returns.

Having served in many industries, he is highly flexible in adapting skills, knowledge, and strategies to fit different needs. Among the companies he has served are Intel, Keysight, MIMOS, Monitor ERP System to name a few.

He founded Seraph Studios, a digital agency that provides digital design marketing, and hosting services to help local businesses digitalize their businesses. He continues to learn and update himself on the latest Digital Marketing trends and strategies with the goal of providing the highest value for his services.

I've worked with

S&P Global
IHS Markit
Keysight Technologies
Monitor ERP System
Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm
Wawasan Open University
Mimos Berhad

My Qualifications

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Digital Marketing Certifications

Johnathan Tan - Direct Response Copywriting Specialist
Johnathan Tan - Content Marketing Specialist
Johnathan Tan - Search Marketing Specialist
Johnathan Tan -Social Media Specialist
Johnathan Tan -Community Management Specialist
Johnathan Tan - Email Marketing Specialist
Johnathan Tan - Customer Acquisition Specialist
Johnathan Tan - Customer Value Optimization Specialist
Johnathan Tan - eCommerce Marketing Specialist
Johnathan Tan - Optimization Testing Specialist
Johnathan Tan - Analytics Data Specialist

Other Certifications

Johnathan Tan - Google Analytics Certified
Johnathan Tan -Microsoft Bing Ads Certified
Johnathan Tan -Hubspot Inbound Certified

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