The New Normal in Marketing

What do you understand about the new normal since the pandemic? Our lives have changed, the way businesses operate has changed and so has marketing. So, what is the new normal in marketing?

The COVID-19 pandemic swept through the world swiftly, leaving supply chains and businesses paralyzed in its wake.

Businesses that once ignored the importance of having an online presence started to seek out alternative methods of marketing their businesses when they started to realize what they were familiar with were no longer working.

Digitalization has been happening for years, albeit at a slower pace. It is inevitable, yet many resisted the change, many times it was because they could not see the value in digitalizing their business business.

The pandemic may have caused the downfall of many businesses, however it was also the catalyst of growth for many new businesses and industries. What did they do different that allowed prosperity in dire times where others folded, and crumbled to dust?

Quite simply, those who pivot and embrace change are the ones who will survive for the only constant in life is change. Those who have embraced digitalization even before the pandemic hit have been reaping the rewards of having an online presence and the power of digital advertising for years.

What was once considered to be high-tech, and next generation has now become the norm. If there's anything positive that the pandemic had brought, it is the acceleration of digital adoption.

Today we see businesses turn to social media, digital advertising platforms, e-commerce marketplaces and those who are really serious about expanding their business online would ultimately setup their own corporate website.

Marketing has largely moved online whether we like it or not, and I can't help but feel surprised at business owners who still fail to see past the dollar and cents needed to build their online presence.

The pandemic has certainly brought some business owners to their senses, but there are still some who are still not convinced. For the sake of their own survival, I hope that they too can pivot and change their mindset, to accept new ways of doing things.

So here's to a new normal in marketing, where online presence, digital advertising, social media engagement, and SEO copywriting are commonplace. To embrace it or not, the decision is still yours.

Author Info

An experienced and certified digital marketer, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge on digital marketing. He founded Seraph Studios, a digital agency that provides digital design and marketing services to help local businesses digitalize their businesses. He continues to learn and update himself on the latest Digital Marketing trends and strategies with the goal of providing the highest value for his services.
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